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Apprenticeships and Covid-19 Webinar

Thursday 30th April



The current covid-19 pandemic means big changes for the way we all work and apprentices are feeling the impact of these changes too. For some apprentices this means a break in access to training, moving to a full-time job or even redundancy in some extreme cases.

Many will also be asked to work from home and will be doing their learning from home. There are furloughs but the learning and end-point assessments can still continue. Join Mark and Kirsi to discuss how unions and union reps can support apprentices to stay at work and keep learning.

Mark Rowe is a national project worker with responsibility for supporting apprenticeships. Before joining unionlearn he was a trade union representative for over 25 years. With unionlearn Mark has worked on ULF projects, run a digital inclusion project, and now supports the apprenticeship strategies unionlearn and unions are developing.   

Kirsi Kekki is a unionlearn policy officer looking after adult learning and apprenticeships, English, maths and ESOL policy. Over her career she has worked in a number of trade unions in the UK and Finland with a variety of roles from trade union education and organising to project management.

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Learning@Home Campaign 

Stuck at home due to Covid-19? Make the most of your time through learning at home. Unionlearn have launched aLearning @ Home Campaignto support thousands of workers who are working from home, self-isolating or who find themselves temporarily out of work during the current pandemic.

The new campaign pages contain lots of exciting and interactive tools people can use to review their skill levels and help signpost home learners to a diverse range of inspirational training opportunities, along with new stories highlighting the way learners have used distance learning opportunities to improve their skills.

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