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NUS Card/ TOTUM card.

This is a card that will allow you to get student discounts when purchasing goods and items at a large number of places, including clothing, eateries and travel.  It is generally known as the student discount card.  You can apply for it on line for a fee for a specified or sometimes this is provided as part of the incentives from your Training Provider – it is worth contacting them before applying.


Help with Travel to Work

If you are living on the Isle of Wight and in an  apprenticeship there are several ways that you may be able to get help.  This includes help with bus fare and cycle schemes and is offered through connect to work:


Alternatively some organisations will give you the opportunity to participate in their bike to work scheme and help you to purchase a bike to cycle to work, of which the costs will be taken out of your wages over certain months to pay for this. However there are restrictions on age and wage and therefore a young apprentice may not be able to take advantage of this. They may also run a scheme which will help you to pay for your bus pass and again take this out of your wages over a period of time.  You will need to ask your HR person for this information.


Help with Childcare

If your employer offers Childcare schemes at discounted rates, or child care vouchers, you will be entitled to join these schemes just the same as any other employee.


Discounts for leisure facilities

You may be able to get a discount at 1 Leisure through your Apprenticeship provider or through your workplace.  You will need to check with your Training Provider who will give you the necessary form, or through your HR Advisor. If you are not eligible to apply as you do not have a training provider, you may qualify under the concessionary route, please check the website for details.


Help with clothes and cleaning of clothes


If you are claiming job seekers allowance or Universal Credit you may be able to get help with the cost of work clothing and equipment to start work from the Job Centre Plus Flexible Support Fund, you will need to speak to your work Coach before you start work to check eligibility.

There are also charities like Dress for Success and Suited and Booted that offer free work clothes and advice on presenting yourself.


Timpsons (based in Sainsburys and Asda at Newport) offer dry cleaning free of charge if you are unemployed and going for a job interview.  You don’t need a voucher, just pop in and speak to the Assistants at the store who will be able to advise you.


Trade Unions

 Even if your Employer does not have a Trade Union that is prevalent within the organisation you still have a right to belong to a Trade Union.  Belonging to a Trade Union can be beneficial in many ways especially if you need help and support with employment rights, if you want extra training or need help with day to day problems such as debt management.  As an apprentice there may be a reduction in the fee that you are charged to be a member.


Mental Health Support

The free Supporting Apprentices service delivered by Remploy and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions is available to any apprentice who is experiencing mental health difficulties at work.

You can reach the service on 0300 456 8210 or email


Different links for help and advice:


Citizens Advice Bureau:

Help advice and guidance on general matters


Inclusion Isle of Wight:

Help and advice for drugs and alcohol


Breakout Youth Services Isle of Wight:

Help  and support for LGBQ+ on The Isle of Wight


Isle of Wight Law Centre

Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Services ACAS

Helpline 0845 47 47 47


Careers Advice

National Careers Service


Council Tax

If you are earning £195 a week or less for the duration of your apprenticeship, you may not be counted as an adult for Council Tax. Please contact your local council to find out if you qualify as an adult or if you’re eligible for a discount.

Find an

Youth  / 01983 529569  / 0800 1111

We want to make sure Apprentices on the Isle of Wight are treated fairly and have the support and guidance that they deserve