Training Providers

The role of a Training Provider

The Training Provider has a responsibility to ensure that your training throughout the Apprenticeship is adequate and meets the required standard.  For the formal qualification that they are providing they will be monitored by Ofsted to ensure that it is to the quality expected for that level. They will also have monitoring in place by the qualification provider to ensure that the training you are receiving is to the correct standard.


Your Training Provider has a duty to ensure that you are safe in your workplace and that you are receiving the correct instruction in order for you to complete your role properly.  They will work closely with your Employer to ensure that you receive:


  • An induction programme on starting

  • A detailed training plan – including off the job training

  • Regular progress reviews

  • Opportunities to put into practice off-the-job learning so that you can achieve your qualifications / requirements of the apprenticeship.

  • Mentoring and general support throughout your apprenticeship.



You will be required to sign a three way agreement with your Employer and your Training Provider (Commitment Statement) which will set out the qualification that you are studying for, the length of the programme and what is expected of the Employer, the Training Provider and you.


Should you have a problem with your Training or finding it difficult to understand the work that you have been given, or have an on going problem that will prevent you from doing your studies at the present time , (ie a planned operation), please talk to your Training Provider in the first instance, they are there to help you through these problems and if necessary arrange a planned break so you do not fall behind.


List of local Training Providers:
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Isle of Wight College



Industry Apprentices:

NHS Nursing Apprentices

GKN Apprenticeships

BAE Systems Cowes

Isle of Wight Council


MHI Vestas

Vikoma International

Island Roads


Marks and Spencers


And Many more – just go onto the home site and search for the Company and their opportunities.

Apprenticeships are not just about starting your career, there is a lot of opportunity for developing your career within the role you are taking or to diversify within the business.  The term Apprenticeship is used as this is the foundation of the scheme that provides the funding. The way your qualification will be funded will be dependent on different criteria set down by the Government, but this criteria does set out that your employer must pay for your qualification in this instance and not you. 


There are different levels of Courses from level 2 – which is the first level to confirm your knowledge and understanding and know how to put it into practice in the workplace right upto level 7 which is a higher management level.  It will be upto you, your Manager and your Training Advisor to choose the correct qualification which will benefit you all and to explain the commitment that you will need to dedicate to the qualification in order for you to complete it in a timely manner to the correct level.  The aim of the qualification is to demonstrate your existing competence and to stretch your knowledge and understanding to the next level.


As part of your Apprenticeship you may also need to take your level 2 in English, Maths and in some cases ICT as part of your qualification, if you do not already have these.  Your Training Provider will be able to advise you on this.

For a list of our current Training Providers click HERE

We want to make sure Apprentices on the Isle of Wight are treated fairly and have the support and guidance that they deserve