Frequently asked questions and further information
For Employers


1. Due to business continuity measures all staff are required to be available at their usual place of work. How can my apprentices continue their learning?

If your apprentices are unable to attend their scheduled learning events, there are several options available to you:

apprentices could engage in digital or distance learning at a convenient time within their agreed working hours

they could be offered additional on-site mentor support

they could take a short pause in their learning of less than four weeks while still completing by their planned end-date

they could take a formal break in learning of 4 weeks or more and re-calculate the planned end-date upon their return to learning


2. I am having to move staff into different and/or business critical roles that aren’t related to their apprenticeship. What happens to their apprenticeship?

It is our goal that apprentices can promptly resume their apprenticeship and continue to successful completion of end-point assessment. Funding rules currently state that a break in learning must be initiated by the apprentice. Employers and training providers can now temporarily also report and initiate a break in learning where the interruption to learning is greater than 4 weeks. This guidance document sets out what employers and training providers need to do when breaks in learning are more or less than 4 weeks, and if that break commences during or after March.

If that move becomes permanent, you should look to see which alternative apprenticeship your apprentice can transfer to at Find Apprenticeship Training and liaise with your training provider in the usual way.


3. What do I do if I think an apprentice is not well enough to work (especially in a health setting)?


Employers should follow the government’s guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19).


4. I am a non-levy paying employer recruiting for/having apprentices due to start. Can I still go ahead and reserve funds on the system?


Employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy are able to reserve apprenticeship funding through the apprenticeship service in line with the published guidance.


5. What happens to my funding reservation as a non-levy employer, if my apprentice can’t start?


Reservations will expire if they are not turned into a commitment within 3 months of the apprenticeship start date, detailed in the reservation. Where a commitment is needed, and a previous reservation has expired, a new reservation must first be made.


6. Can you release early the 20% completion payment, that would normally be withheld until the end of apprenticeship training, to manage cash flow challenges faced by training providers?


Government policy does not allow payment for services in advance of delivery. The government has set out a substantial package of support to businesses to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.


7. Should employers use the ‘Stop’ or ‘Pause’ apprentice facility in the apprenticeship service?

In circumstances related to COVID-19, employers should use the ‘Pause’ function in the service. Employers must only use the ‘Stop’ function when they are certain that training will not resume at any point. Using ‘Pause’ will stop payments temporarily and allow the employer and apprentice to resume the apprenticeship at a later date. We are reviewing options to simplify the process of re-starting apprentices on the service, including to facilitate a transfer to a different apprenticeship or employer in due course.

For queries not covered by this guidance, please contact the apprenticeship service helpline. They can be contacted by telephone on 0800 150 600 or email


Correct at time of posting 26.03.2020